Launching of Orphanage Project with Ravensbourne College

The 2nd Phase is about education support to develop their skills through primary and secondary schools school that will features such as 5 Classrooms, 1 Library and 1 Staff room.

The 3rd Phase is about empowering them for employment opportunities to prevent NEET (not in education and training) through vocational courses such as Tailoring, Catering, Art and design, IT, Brick layering and Hair dressing

I assisted with the project after this list of requirement for orphanage was comprised. We got a list of universities in London that do architecture as a degree course and our CEO selected and email 2 universities. Ravensbourne offer to pursue the project but they want more information so I created a design brief for the project. .

So currently, the next stages for the project are to finalise details of the project with Ravensboure staff and get students to design the project for us. For the design requirement of the project, we ask for student to design a scale floor plan and model as seen in page 1.