Launching of Orphanage Project with Ravensbourne College

The World of Hope organisation has been activated for 10 years and has helped many people (families and children) in London. In honour of the organisation 10 year anniversary, we want to expand our help international by building an orphanage in Nigeria.

The idea of orphanage came when our CEO (Florence Emakpose) travelled to Nigeria consecutively till she decided unrest about how the orphans are treated without any welfare support as we have in the UK. She presented this case in one of the trustee meeting in 2011 and the entire trustee agreed for World of Hope to have a project as solution to change the situation. In 2012, Our CEO travelled to Nigeria and secure an appointment with The King of Oshogbo. The King Ataoja of Oshogbo in Osun State through CIPO Agboola .

In this meeting, the king and 3 of his senior chief were present. They were moved by Florence presentation and they decided to offer World of Hope land free. The requirement for the land is to have full registration of NGO with certificate. In 2015, we sourced different lawyers in Nigeria but not successful. In 2016, we secured a lawyer Rev. Iyanu.

The children at World of Hope youth centre help create a requirement list for the orphanage. And this was broken down into 3 design phases with the consideration of the overall aim which is to provide a better shelter (life and future) for orphans in order to prevent them from sleeping under the bridge.